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High Cube vs Standard Container

high cube vs standard container

Comparing Standard Shipping Containers vs High Cube Shipping Containers

When comparing the two, high cube vs standard container have more similarities than differences. This fast read will teach you everything you need to know about each container by comparing the two.

To sum up, the main difference between a high cube container vs standard is the height. High cubes are a foot taller than the 8ft. 6in. standard shipping containers for sale. This height difference also results in taller doors and slightly extra container weight. Both containers are often used by container home builders in Ohio.

High Cube vs Standard Container Types and Sizes

Standard containers are the original containers that can be found almost everywhere. If you’re looking for a 20ft shipping container for sale, the standard dimensions are 20′ L x 8′ W x 8′ 6″ H.

High Cube containers differ only in height. The dimensions of the 20ft high cube containers are as follows: 20′ L x 8′ W x 9′ 6″ H. The difference in height is only one foot.

high cube vs standard container
high cube vs standard container

External Dimensions of a High Cube and Standard Container

MeasureStandard containersHigh cube containers
External length20ft, 40ft or 45ft20ft, 40ft or 45ft
External width8’8’
External height8’ 6”9’ 6”
Door width7’ 8”7’ 8”
Door height7’ 6”8’ 6”
high cube container vs standard

Internal Dimensions of a High Cube and Standard Container

MeasureStandard containersHigh cube containers
External length20ft – 19’ 4”; 40ft – 39’ 6”20ft – 19’ 4”; 40ft – 39’ 6”
External width7’ 9”7’ 9”
External height7’ 10”8’ 10”
20ft Shipping Container Volume~ 1,170 ft cubed1,317 ft cubed
40ft Shipping Container Volume~ 2,390 ft cubed2,700 ft cubed
Tare Weight (Weight of the empty container)20ft – 5,200 lbs
40ft – 8,250 lbs
20ft – 5,200 lbs
40ft – 8,600 lbs
Payload (Weight the container can safely support)~ 20ft – 62,000 lbs
~ 40ft – 63,400 lbs
~ 20ft – 62, 000 lbs
~ 40ft – 62,900 lbs

How Do I Select the Appropriate Height Shipping Container?

Choosing one of these containers should not be difficult; after all, it is about what will work best for your storage or shipping needs. How can we choose between the two most popular shipping container heights now that we know their specifications? Let us ask you a few questions to help us determine which shipping container will best meet your needs. We have these shipping containers for sale in Los Angeles.

Is weight a factor?

If weight is your primary concern when moving or storing heavy objects, the advise is to choose the shortest height and length that will yet allow you to fit all of your belongings.

What are you using the container for?

Now, the usability of each container differs depending on the individual or corporation. The High Cube Container is the ideal option for maximum storage that isn’t too low in height. You get an extra foot in height, which you can utilize to turn some items right side up. Those that utilize containers for basic products or items that are not too tall will find that the Standard Container is all they need to store or ship their equipment or personal belongings around.

Here are a couple of examples to assist you decide what type of container you need based on the unit’s intended purpose.

Storing Property

Those who intend to keep their shipping containers in their backyards to safeguard their things or temporarily store products, tools, and cars will most likely fit in an 8ft 6in standard container.

A high cube container may be just what you need if you need to store taller objects or if you need more storage volume but your yard is too small to allow a container’s expanded length.

Offices, Workspaces, or Shipping Container Homes

We recommend 9′ 6″ high cube containers if you intend to work in the container space frequently or if you want to convert your container into a living space. This will provide you and everyone else using that place with more comfort and headspace. You’ll be grateful later.

Price Difference: High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Shipping Containers

Your budget is a crucial consideration when selecting the best storage or shipping container for you or your company. Standard sized shipping containers and high cube containers are priced similarly if all other variables are held constant. Prices for high cube containers will be slightly higher to account for their extra weight and volume, but the difference is often rather minimal.

*This is only true if you have done your homework to guarantee that you are comparing containers with the same width, length, condition type, and delivered from the same location (or equal miles shipped).

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